The Geologic Time Scale

The geologic time scale is split into four major eras–Precambrian, Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic, and are subdivided into periods. The number beside the era or period in the infotoon below shows how many years ago it began. I thought it would be fun to show it as walk through the park. This would also make for a great class project as well. For more information, see the Earth issue of Kids Discover magazine. We start at the Precambrian…

Note: MYA=millions of years

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Woodrow Wilson

Our 28th president, elected in 1912 and again in 1916. The only president of the United States to hold a Ph.D., Wilson was also instrumental in the women’s suffrage movement.

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Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

All seven wonders of the ancient world are located on or near Mediterranean Sea, largely because those who wrote about them had traveled in these areas. Marvels like the Great Wall of China or the Taj Mahal in India (modern-day wonders) were unknown to the list makers or had not yet been built. Click for a larger image. (©Kids Discover Ancient Wonders)

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

This is an infotoon about the different ways in which children can effect a difference by better managing resources. Click the image for a clearer picture. -from Kids Discover Conservation

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It’s Electric!

More infotoons can be found here. Thanks for looking!

An infotoon about how step leaders create a conductive path for lightning to form. Better to be indoors before it even gets this far!

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Merry Christmas!

Wow! Who would've thought...

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Making Faces


This was an illustration for Kids Discover Muscles, explaining how different muscles are used to make different facial expressions. It also serves as a guide for when I’m drawing other characters. The only drawback was that I couldn’t use kids that wore glasses. There was also a lot of mirror time in this one.

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